5 Tier Rectangle/Loaf Cake Tins

5 Tier Rectangle/Loaf Cake Tins

5 Tier Rectangle/Loaf Cake Tins

Our 5 Tier Rectangle/Loaf shaped cake tins are perfect for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversarys, Christmas and other Occasions.

Set of 5 durable Rectangle or Loaf baking tins. Ideal for sponge or gateaux, wedding cakes and other special occasions. Lifetime warranty against rust and straight sides for precise cake edges.

Cake Tin Store's 5 Tier Rectangle/Loaf Cake Tins are very popular with professional bakers and cake makers because of their consistent baking quality.

The secret of these Rectangle or Loaf/Bread Shaped cake tins is the special anodised steel that they are made from. It is one of the best conductors known and distributes heat evenly so preventing hot spots and localised overcooking.

Another big benefit is the silver anodised finish, which has easy-release, easy-clean properties. It also seals in the alloy core and because it is part of the metal, it can never peel off or blister.

The dish can never become rusty, even if it is scratched - a real saving if you find that your Christmas cake tin goes rusty every couple of years.

These heavy-duty tins are a full 3" deep and cook all cakes exceptionally well. The heat conduction is so good, that you will find that you can reduce your cooking time quite significantly.

Removing the cake is dead easy - just stand the tin on a small basin or cup and ease away the body. The easy-release properties enable you to remove the cake easily, with little or no damage.

  • Highly efficient heat conductor
  • Easy-release, easy clean finish
  • Can never rust
  • Can never blister or peel
  • Inert, scratch resistant surface
  • Not suitable for dishwashers
  • Oven safe to 240°C

Cake Tin Dimensions

11" x 3" (279mm x 76mm)

12" x 3" (304mm x 76mm)

13" x 3" (329mm x 76mm)

14" x 3" (354mm x 76mm)

15" x 3" (380mm x 76mm)

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